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If you write well, you can thrive in any workplace. If you do not, you may spend too much time and energy hiding that weakness. You may fail to persuade your customers to buy your product or idea. You may struggle to clarify your thinking for your colleagues or supervisors. You may find yourself dreading writing days, almost as much as you dread the days when you hear back from your readers. Your organization may suffer as a result.

We can help workplace writers and editors move from aimlessness and confusion toward purpose and clarity. In workshops and individual coaching sessions tailored to your specific workplace needs, we can teach you to create clear, purposeful writing with a plain English message your reader understands. We can teach you how to coax that result from those who write for you. We can help you create a corporate style guide, to establish your organization’s unified writing voice. We can also lead by example, taking on the writing and editing tasks you do not have the time or staff to manage.

This is what we do.